Making meditation a regular habit

7 Busy-Proof Tips for Making Meditation a Regular Habit

When I ask my clients what stops them from meditating — what the biggest obstacle is to meditating on a regular basis — the most common answer I get is, “I don’t have enough time.”

I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t have enough time, either — many of us (if not all of us) don’t have time to add a sitting practice to our already-packed schedules.

When your days are already overloaded with school, work, family responsibilities, meetings, and household chores, how can you possibly find the time to meditate?

I’ve created this short little guide for everyone who is having trouble making meditation a regular habit. These steps will help make sitting part of your regular routine, instead of feeling like one more thing you’ve got to squeeze into your already-packed days.

If you’re new to meditation, or you’ve been feeling bad because you just haven’t been able...

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How long should I meditate?

How long should my meditation sessions be?

When people find out I’m a meditation teacher, one of the first questions they often ask me is, “How long should my meditation sessions be?”

Creating a practice of consistent meditation is important, so it’s critical that you set reasonable goals and try to meditate every day. So what is a “reasonable” goal, and how do you figure out how much sitting time you need to start seeing the benefits of meditation?

Ultimately, this is a question only YOU can answer, because the “right” amount of meditation time varies widely from person to person.

I can give you a few guidelines you can use to set your own meditation goals, though, and give you some things to consider before making your decision.


The Best Length for Your Meditation Session

In a nutshell: When it comes to meditation, consistency is essential, but duration is a matter of personal choice.

If you’ve studied mindfulness-based...

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