What do Psychotherapy and Mindfulness have in common?

This is an edited version of my article from Planet Mindful, Issue One (Winter 2018) and my guest post on welldoing.org

Psychotherapy and Mindfulness work well together

Mindfulness is becoming recognised as a powerful tool in psychotherapy, and there are a growing number of therapists who are trained in both modalities. Many people are seeing positive results when the two approaches are combined. 

What are the advantages of integrating psychotherapy and mindfulness? How can a combined approach help you heal?

Here are four reasons why:


1. They complement each other well

Mindfulness and psychotherapy can be complementary practices. Psychotherapy primarily examines “self in relationship to other”, and mindfulness primarily examines “self in relationship to self.”

The term “mindfulness” is a translation of the Pali term “sati,” which originally meant "to remember" or "to recollect.”

Mindfulness can help develop a...

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